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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Open Thread

What a beautiful weekend! Here is a picture of Lake Elkhorn courtesy of my mom:

What is your favorite thing to do in Howard County in the Fall?

Also as we move into the final weeks of the election it is useful to remember that the next county executive and county council will be making the decisions on the biggest change to the county since Columbia was approved when they determine how Downtown Columbia will be redeveloped.

Here are some of the past posts on this blog about the downtown redevelopment plan that is moving forward under the current county executives Department of Planning and Zoning with the support of some members of the current council. (If any of the current council wants to make it clear they are not one of the supporters of the current plan I invite any member of the current council to come forward and provide detailed comments on what if any of this current plan they think needs to be changed. I am looking for specifics and not empty platitudes. It is the details of the plan that will determine its success or failure.). So here are the links to the previous posts on the plan:

The Mall to Merriweather Promenade: Part 1
The Mall to Merriweather Promenade: Part 2

Mixed Income Housing: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


Why community planning matters.

Martin Luther King Day thoughts on the impact of community planning and whether new developments are contributing or undermining his dream and Rouses vision.

Let's Not Be Florida

Will the county use the Focus Group to help restore public trust?

I guess not yet, but here's hoping they will do it this time.

Let's Talk Solutions


Anonymous katie said...

My favorite thing to do in Howard County in the fall is drive over to Sharp's at Waterford Farm to pick up a pumpkin, a jug of apple cider, and some decorative Indian corn. That makes my season.

11:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That picture is beautiful - almost as beautiful as Merdon picking up the Sun and Post endorsements! Maybe because he has a real resume?

Funnest Fall Activity: Howard County Striders Turkey Trot

10:27 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

In some cases, the council can also lend money to help buy a bigger home.
Councillors hope the scheme will encourage families to foster disabled children, or brothers and sisters who might otherwise be separated.

11:58 AM  
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