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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Howard County’s Future

The question before us is do we want a proliferation of isolated pockets of subdivisions as developers fill in green space or do we want to follow the tradition of Howard County of planning long term to create livable communities with the infrastructure to sustain them. We are not, nor do we want to be Montgomery County or Northern Virginia where they let subdivisions pop up without a plan creating suburbs without community and transportation gridlock. If we do downtown Columbia right and are creative with the redevelopment of the village centers we can absorb additional population pressures while preserving green space and avoiding the sprawl and crawl of Montgomery County and Northern Virginia. If we do downtown Columbia wrong we will create a blight at the heart of Howard County costing tax payer dollars and draining our economic vitality. Together we can direct Howard County’s future towards the diverse, economically sustainable community with a high quality of life we have been developing, but to do so we must speak up now and let our elected officials and the staff in the Department of Planning and Zoning know the problems in the current plan and how they can be fixed.

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