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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Profile of the Next US Senate Majority Leader?

If Republicans hold onto a majority in the US Senate, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky will be the new Majority Leader. The Lexington, Kentucky Herald-Leader published Sunday the most in-depth profile of him that I have seen.

My personal analysis is that control of the Senate is up in the air. Missouri, Tennessee, New Jersey, Virginia, and Maryland are toss-ups (and yes, I know I will hear a lot of complaints that Cardin is polling ahead of Steele, but I won’t believe it until the Deibold machines spit out their results and even then I am not sure I will believe it because the Deibold machines are so easily hacked). Pennsylvania, Montana, Rhode Island, and Ohio are increasingly looking like Democratic pickups, but Democrats need to pick up a total of six seats to gain the majority, which means Dems need four of the five toss-ups (three are currently Republican and two are currently Democratic) on top of all of the likely pickups to win the majority in the Senate. If the Dems don’t win the majority it is important to know a little about this man who will be one of the three most powerful people in America.

Feel free to use this post as an Open Thread on the US Senate elections either here in Maryland or all over the country. To start off the conversation at the lowest level, does Steele’s known association with puppies loose him the cat lovers vote?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not wrong to judge, to some extent, a person by the company they keep.

We absolutely need to return to using the scantron voting machines - using a fat marker to connect the arrow's tail to the arrow's head that points at the name of the candidate receiving your vote. It's simple and the ballot *IS* the paper trail, allowing for very straightforward recounts. And they offered more privacy while voting, too.

12:26 AM  
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