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Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Mall to Merriweather Promenade

To refresh peoples memory it is here:

Looking through the Department of Planning and Zoning’s presentation from two Monday’s back I noted this interesting slide showing an example of a promenade:

As I look at it I am reminded that at the charrette there was a clear public view that the promenade from the Mall to Merriweather needed to be wider that “just a median”. In fact, one participant suggested it be wide enough to throw a Frisbee width-wise and another suggested it be 80 feet wide. This example from the Department of Planning and Zoning clearly doesn’t indicate that width. In addition the sketches of the street framework that the Department of Planning and Zoning presented designate the roads within the promenade as a “two lane road with a median”:

Though there are many ways to do the promenade it is clear that the public wants it wider than the median that is in the plan. Two ideas that might be interesting to look at are:

Prague, Czech Republic

Edmonton, Canada