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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Governor's Race Open Thread

So the last two days as I have been driving to work I have heard what I think is the best radio political ad I have heard this election. It is this catchy jingle themed on Christmas music. So I thought I would ask if anyone else has heard it or any other good radio ads? The jingle I heard is up on this website, where you can click play on the left hand side of the screen on a little player that appears under "Listen to our jingle".

What else have you been seeing or hearing about the governors race? Did you watch the debates? If so, what did you think?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a liberal, and I'd rather do anything but vote for Ehrich. I'll vote for O'Malley, and support him.

That said, I was pretty disappointed in the O'Malley ad talking about Ehrlich giving parole or commutation for violent offenders and murderers. As a lawyer, O'Malley understands how many people are wrongfully sent to prison, how many people change, and how expensive prison is for the State. O'Malley has a good record here, and shouldn't let his campaign staff walk over him.

Ironically, Glendening was much MUCH tougher on crime as Governor than Ehrlich. Gov. Glendening almost never granted commutation and didn't support parole - commutations only a few cases to let people die with their families. Ehrlich, on the other hand, commutes lots of sentances.

8:36 PM  
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