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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Zoning Bills Open Thread

What do people thing about the zoning bills that were just past?


Blogger Tom Berkhouse said...

I don't believe that those new laws will make any difference in the Zoning process in Howard County. Even the laws that require larger posters, and submission deadlines for info such as traffic studies, are irrelevant if the people on the Council are ignoring other laws. In other words, the system in general is not broken, the people who run it are. Just look at the fiasco called Comp Lite. Three sitting Council members (Ulman, Feaga, and Guzzone) ignored laws that set a cut off for rezoning applications. If an application was not submitted in time to be considered under the normal Comprehensive Rezoning, they are not permitted to be considered under Comp Lite. Ulman was the Chairman (I beleive) of the Zoning Board during Comp Lite. As an attorney and a Council member, he should have known. Not only that, but you have the County Executive signing the legislation, and the Office of Law signing off on it as well. How can all of these people, who are supposed to enforce clearly spelled out laws, be so derelict in their duties? I don't believe it was an accidental oversight. How would a larger poster, or more advanced notification to residents have changed a situation like happened in Comp Lite, where certain elected officials did what they wanted to do, in direct violation of the law? The system did not need to be changed, but the elected officials sure do need to be changed.

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