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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Columbia Democratic Club Endorsements

The Columbia Democratic Club made its endorsements today. The club endorsed:

Governor/Lt. Gov.: Martin O'Malley/Anthony Brown

Comptroller: Peter Franchot easily won by a wide margin

Attorney General: Not Enough Agreement to Endorse (Personal Note: This race based on what I saw tonight looks like it is shaping up to be one of the tightest primaries in the state. Tom Perez and Stu Simms were the candidates that advanced to the final round. Though Doug Gansler has plenty of money he was the first eliminated.)

US Senate: Ben Cardin

Congress-3: Dr. Peter Beilenson

Congress-7: Elijah Cummings

State Senate-9: Richard Cockran

State Senate-12: Ed Kasemeyer

State Senate-13: Jim Robey

Delegate-9A: (2 slots) Dave Osmundson

Delegate-12A: (2 slots) Steve DeBoy, Jim Malone

Delegate-12B: Liz Bobo

Delegate-13: (3 slots) Guy Guzzone, Shane Pendergrass, Neil Quinter, Frank Turner (Yes, this is four candidates for three slots, but they all made the threshold of votes needed for endorsement. )

County Exec.: Ken Ulman

Council-1: Courtney Watson

Council-2: Calvin Ball

Council-3: Jen Terrasa

Council-4: Josh Feldmark

Council-5: Don Dunn

Judge of Circuit Ct: (two slots) Becker, Bernhardt

State's Attorney: Tim McCrone

Clerk of Circuit Ct.: Cale

Register of Wills: Blickman

Judge of Orphan's Ct.: (3 slots) Cohen, McNeal

Sheriff: Fitzgerald

Central Committee: (12 slots) Carole Fisher, Erum Malik, Tony McGuffin, Michael McPherson, Kristen Neville, Bill Woodcock, and there wasn’t enough agreement to endorse the other six

Board of Education: (5 slots) Aquino, Cohen, Gordon, Kaufman, Siddiqui


Anonymous Anonymous said...

shocking! :-)

10:33 AM  
Anonymous James Williams said...

I'm just curious, what do you Columbia Democrats have against Mary Kay Sigaty?

12:24 PM  
Blogger Evan said...

I don't think the Columbia Democrats have anything against Mary Kay, they just chose to endorse Josh Feldmark. It was a close fought race as I suspect the actual election will be. Four years ago Mary Kay lost to Ken Ulman by 37 votes in the primary. This race could be that close again. If there was ever a time when every vote counts this is it.

8:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so pleased that the CDC endorsed such a great candidate for Maryland's 3rd Congressional District! Peter Beilenson is an outstanding candidate. It was clear at the meeting that the members of the CDC were familiar with all the great results Peter was able to produce as the Health Commissioner of Baltimore. The difference is what he has done!

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to remind the residents of Howard County, specifically Columbia and the Elkridge areas, that there is only one candidate in the 3rd Congressional District Race with a proven legislative record and a history of fighting and getting results -- state Senator Paula Hollinger. Even though the Columbic Democratic Club endorsed another candidate, Paula Hollinger is the most qualified to hit the ground running as a freshman member of Congress. She deserves all of our support.

10:49 PM  
Blogger Evan said...

Sadly Paula Hollinger killed the Voter Verified Paper trail bill in her committee after Delegate Liz Bobo had helped get it unanimously passed in the House. Though Paula has lied to my face on this several times she is the reason why we still have to use the Diebold machines where there is no way of knowing if your vote is being recorded as you want it cast. If you care about having your vote counted for the candidate you voted for, then you cannot possibly support Paula Hollinger.

3:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mary Kay Sigaty can not collaborate and has an offensive attitude. Instead of touting her accomplishments over the last 10 years, she focuses on “independent thinking” and “life experience.” Sound familiar Harry Dunbar, David Rakes, Zell Miller.
Being able to collaborate with at least 2 other Democrats makes for an effective legislator.
The voters elected her to the school board 2 years ago. What has she done that would warrant abandonment from that post (midterm) and support for the council? Her support of Chris Merdon, Joan Lancos? Why should a Democratic club support that?

11:05 PM  
Anonymous Nina Basu said...

Hi all, just stumbled across the blog :)

2:09 AM  
Blogger Evan said...


Welcome to the blog.


Note: For those who don't know Nina Bosu is running for Delegate District 13 as a Democrat. She grew up in the county and currently lives in Long Reach.

5:18 PM  
Blogger Evan said...

As to the Anonymous attack on Mary Kay in this comments section. I must say I have never liked blogs that decended into anonymous attacks (irregardless who I support in an individual race), so I would request that if people are going to criticize someone else that you at the very least use a blog pseudonym so that a constructive conversation can develop. To create a pseudonym you can easily create an account at or just click on "other" in the "Choose an identity" area under the window you type comments into and type in either your name or a pseudonym.


5:27 PM  
Blogger Ken said...

Peter Franchot won't have such an easy time on Sept. 12 as he has in fooling some progressive Democrats into thinking he is one of them. His clear pattern of support for state aid to nonpublic schools is shown by the following;
In both 1998 and 1999 he supported a state income tax cut for gifts of computers to such schools (House Bill 1101 of 1998 and House Bill 391 of 1999.)
In 1999 he opposed an amendment to the Teacher and Hope Scholarship bill deleting scholarships for teaching at nonpublic schools (HB189).
In 2000 he helped to saddle us Maryland taxpayers with seemingly perpetual state budget aid to nonpublic schools by opposing an amendment that would have eliminated the $6 million, specifically directed to textbooks for such schools, that then Gov. Glendening stuck in the budget bill (Senate Bill 150). (The amendment lost by a very narrow margin and I'll never forgive those legislators who voted against it.)
In 2003 he opposed Del. Pendergrass' failed amendment to delete the millions for the same purpose that Gov. Ehrlich put in that year's budget bill (HB40).
In 2004 Ehrlich added computers to the budget gifts that we Maryland taxpayers provide.
Franchot finally saw the light and supported Del. Bobo's failed amendment that would have eliminated the funds for that purpose (SB125).
But Del. Franchot's views on this overall subject are obvious and I certainly wouldn't want this fellow guarding our money as our Comptroller.
He was also one of those who voted for utilities deregulation in 1999 (HB703/SB300).
I could go on citing specific bad votes (in my opinion) by Franchot on other matters if pressed to do so.
You can do your own research at
I've never supported Schaefer and won't again, but expect the real battle for the Democratic nomination for Comptroller is between him and Janet Owens and that Franchot is just a spoiler for Owens (not the other way around).

7:05 AM  
Blogger Ken said...

An even more ridiculous endorsement by the supposedly "liberal" CDC was of Delegate Steve DeBoy in LD12A (which is mainly in the Catonsville area in Baltimore County but includes most of Elkridge and Ilchester in Howard). DeBoy is off the wall conservative on many issues. He's a dedicated right to lifer on abortion and a supporter of nonpublic school aid.
He has only served one term (and hopefully won't serve more), but I have a much longer list of his bad votes than I do for Peter Franchot.
In three of his four years he voted against unsuccessful bills sponsored by Del. Bobo that would have attributed campaign contributions by multiple associated entities to a single controlling entity (HB660 of 2003/HB931 of 2004/HB566 of 2005). The aim of the Bobo legislation was to prevent any one entity from exceeding campaign spending limits via the creation of phony associated entities.
He effectively opposed giving Howard County voters an opportunity to fill early school board vacancies by voting against making the 2004 bill that eventually passed a delegation bill (HB1486). If it had not been made a delegation bill, the prospects for its success would have diminished significantly. How nice of him to vote for the bill along with every other voting delegate when it passed the House.
He voted against the Fair Share Health Care legislation in 2005 (SB790/HB1284) and even opposed overturning the governor's veto of it at the start of the 2006 session.
He has cosponsored a number of unsuccessul bills aimed at making access to handguns easier (HB859 of 2004/HB1211 of 2005/and House Bills 1162 and 1163 of 2006).
Anybody want the theory of Intelligent Design taught in our public schools? DeBoy apparently does, because he cosponsored this year a bill that would have required the State Board of Education to allow the teaching of it in humanities or philosophy classes (HB1228). Fortunately, it was rejected in committee without dissent.
I could go on for a very long time commenting on Del. DeBoy's horrendous record in Annapolis, but will stop here. (As with Franchot, go to if you're interested in checking it all out for yourself.)
That the majority of CDC members would even think of endorsing such a conservative "Democrat" as Steve DeBoy should tell you something about their standards.

7:55 AM  
Anonymous District 12A Resident said...

I would like to state for the record that Del. Steve DeBoy effectively represents his constituents - which allow me to remind you, are mostly located in the Southwestern portion of Baltimore County. The Democrats in these areas are moderate to conservative at best! You can't expect a person from those areas to even get elected on all the liberal fuddy duddy issues that the Columbia Democratic club supports....

Why the Columbia Democratic Club, who should focus their efforts on people who are or want to represent the Greater Columbia area, even endorsed in the District 12A race is incomprehensible to me....

Columbia Democrats should stick to their own!

4:32 PM  
Blogger Ken said...

I agree with you on that much: CDC shouldn't even be endorsing in areas that don't include a part of Columbia.
However, I'm sure you realize that Jim Malone manages to get elected in LD12A without being nearly as conservative as DeBoy. So the latter doesn't have to be as conservative as he is and still get elected. I could point out the many areas of disagreement between the two. But, unless you or someone else ask me to do so, I'll confine myself to stating that Malone is pro-choice on abortion and DeBoy is anything but.
And the electorate in LD12A is entitled to whoever they want representing them in Annapolis. Since neither the Democrats nor the Republicans face a primary contest, we'll see how it goes in November.

6:00 PM  
Anonymous District 12A Resident said...

Lets just think of it this way...

Do you want Jim Malone and Steve DeBoy....OR hard-core, solid Ehrlich votes in Al Nalley or Joe Hooe.

Lets be practical. Just because they may not agree with everything liberal Democrats believe...that doesn't make them less Democrat.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ken's "CDC shouldn't even be endorsing in areas that don't include a part of Columbia." seems silly to me. If a candidate from place B is going to be elected to a position where they legislate affecting place A, why wouldn't an organization of people from place A want to make their two cents known about that candidate?

12:36 PM  
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1:39 PM  
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