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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Democracy for Howard County Endorsements

Democracy for Howard County (the local Democracy of America group) made its endorsements today. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Democracy for America it is a fiscally responsible, socially progressive group that came out of Howard Dean's presidential campaign. The local Democracy for Howard County groups stated goals are:

  • Fiscally Responsible Government
  • Equal Rights for All
  • Economic Security For All
  • Environmental Preservation
  • Health Care for All
  • Investment in Children
  • A Transparent Government and Political Process Free of Corruption and Responsive to the American People
  • A National Security Policy that Protects America Without Curtailing Our Civil Liberties

Democracy for Howard County endorsed:

Governor/Lt. Gov.: Martin O'Malley/Anthony Brown

Comptroller: Peter Franchot

Attorney General: Tom Perez

US Senate: Allan Lichtman

Congress-3: Dr. Peter Beilenson (interesting to note that in this very competitive primary Beilenson recieved every vote except one)

State Senate-9: Richard Cockran

State Senate-12: No Endorsement

State Senate-13: No Endorsement

Delegate-9A: (2 slots) Dave Osmundson

Delegate-12A: (2 slots) No Endorsement

Delegate-12B: Liz Bobo

Delegate-13: (3 slots) Nina Basu, Neil Quinter, and No Endorsement for the third slot

County Exec.: Ken Ulman

Council-1: Courtney Watson

Council-2: Calvin Ball

Council-3: Jen Terrasa

Council-4: Mary Kay Sigaty

Council-5: Don Dunn


Blogger Ken said...

See my comments on Peter Franchot under Columbia Democratic Club endorsements. They apply here as well.

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to see someone like Nina win down there - I like her style...

11:44 PM  
Anonymous HoCoMD said...

No surprises here are there?

4:52 PM  
Anonymous Nina Basu said...

Hey anonymous - you're more than invited to come out and knock with us! Out there 7 days a week. Yes, I am in early from knocking tonight, I also took a header off a front porch, and figured I looked more ragged and frightening than electable :)

8:39 PM  

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