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Friday, August 04, 2006

Local Blogs

Business Monthly has an article this month on local blogs, including us here at Howard County Blog. I was interviewed for the article in May and I have been looking out for the article for the last couple months. In the process of looking out for the article I have discovered the Business Monthly's web site needs a lot of work to become more easily to navigate. The article itself is very good and includes some of my discussion of the strength of blogs as a medium:

Evan Coren, who has been blogging since January, said his ... Howard County Blog allows him to delve into issues with greater detail than even daily publications can, and noted that the county's bloggers possess individual strong points that set each of them apart. For example, "Hayduke understands [the controversy surrounding] Merriweather better than I do," he said.


But the real beauty of blogs, Coren said, is that they "serve as community space, where people can have discourse in a civil manner and find solutions to common problems."

OK, enough navel gaving, but here are two example of us using the blog format to delve into greater detail than other mediums can:

1) Downtown Columbia Redevelopment

2) Extending Metro North

My one complaint with the article is that is doesn't provide the web addresses of the blogs it talks about. But for those of you curious about local blogs here they are:

The Hedgehog Report: A Republican blog that covers both Howard County stuff and national polling and election info. It is to my knowledge the oldest blog that covers Howard County

HayDuke: A blog run by a friend of mine who was one of the champions of the Save Merriweather effort.

HoCoMD Blog: A blog by one of the past presidents of the Howard County Republican Club and current candidate for Republican Central Committee.

Phil Marcus's Blog: A blog on Columbia Association issues by the CA Rep from King's Contrivance


Anonymous George Berkheimer said...


The print edition of The Business Monthly contains a sidebar with the URLs for all four Howard County bloggers, as well as for the grassroots organizations mentioned in the article. Unfortunately, it appears that only the articles themselves, and not the sidebars, are available in the online links. I'll see if we can do anything about that.

4:29 PM  
Blogger Evan said...

Great! Thanks!

8:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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