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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Precinct Level Results

Board of Education candidate Allen Dyer leads by example yet again. Allen went over to the Board of Elections and bought all of the precinct level returns for $25 and then because he believes making government information transparent and available to citizens he has posted all of the returns online. You can find them on his website here.

This is a great public service and I agree with David Wissing it would be nice if the Board of Elections would actually put this info up on their website.

Whatever you want to say about Allen, he challenges the status quo and leads through his actions to change policies he thinks are bad. Personally, I think the school board needs someone like Allen on it challenging conventional wisdom and always probing for improvements to the system. Having a person like Allen on the board will push the board to think through things they otherwise would not.

Thanks again Allen!

Update: I will start crunching the numbers over the weekend.


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