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Friday, September 15, 2006

County Council District 4

Mary Kay Sigaty wins. Surprisingly, though this is really tough for Josh and Jess who are old friends of mine, I think this might actually help Ken Ulman’s election. I have over the past months heard from a lot of people that they wanted to make sure there would be checks and balances in county government and they thought that to have both Josh and Ken in there the council would be too close to the executive. I think a lot of people will be more comfortable with Ken as county executive with Mary Kay on the council holding Ken’s feet to the fire. A weird twist I know. I am sure Josh will land on his feet and I am sure we him stay involved in Howard County issues.

Josh Feldmark _____2865 ____44.85%
Mary Kay Sigaty _____3429 _____53.68%
UNCommon _____ 94 ____1.47%


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