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Monday, September 11, 2006

Pre-Primary Thoughts

What more can be said than that the primary is tomorrow Sepember 12th? Some of these races may be very close. Four years ago the District 4 County Council seat was won by 34 votes. This year it could be within 30 votes. So please go vote! The future of our county, our state, and our country are at stake. Research the candidates. Please don’t go by name ID and how many signs you have seen alone. Now is the time to do that final research on the candidates and talk with friends and neighbors or even talk to people in the comments section here.

Remember to Sample Ballot is screwed up. Among other things it leaves out House of Delegates District 13 which has a very competitive five way Democratic primary.

Remember that I will be providing live election returns here at this blog on Tuesday night of County Council District 4 and House of Delegates District 13 Primaries. The other Howard County Bloggers will be live blogging the other primaries.

In the General Election the local bloggers will be running a Bloggers Candidates Forum, so please check back for that.

Feel free to use this as an elections open thread.

Also if you haven’t read them yet please read my posts on the School Board elections before you go to the polls: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV


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