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Friday, September 08, 2006

Primary Night Election Results Coverage

Nate Sandstrom has a great bullet point list in this week’s Columbia Flier of where you can find out the results of Tuesday’s primary, including a mention of the coverage the local blogs will be providing. (Nate, Thanks for including the web addresses!) I am quite excited and proud about Howard County’s first ever live-blogging of county election returns. I has seen it done in other races, but what I have planned for the races being covered by this blog should hopefully really step it up an notch. I will be covering the County Council District 4 and the House of Delegates District 13 Democratic Primaries. Both races should be nail-biters and each provides superb measures to see how each candidate does as each precinct returns come in. Three of the candidates in the District 13 Delegate’s race have numbers from four years ago to compare with this years results and a four candidate has been elected in a council district that is included within the Delegates district so we can compare how he does in his former district by how he does out of it. In County Council District 4 one of the candidates is the same from the nail-biter 34 vote margin race last time and the other one has chosen to closely align with the person who was the other candidate four years ago. I suspect this race will be within 30 votes and will be really exciting to watch.

I have maps of all of the precincts that I plan on posting so as the returns come in we will get to see which parts of the community are going for which candidate and compare the margins with the results from four years ago.

If you ever had an interested in learning the political geography of our community this will be the best opportunity.

HayDuke will be covering the other Democratic Primary results and I believe the Republican bloggers have decided to consolidate all of the Republican primary results onto HoCoMD Blog, while The Hedgehog Report, which is both a local blog and a national blog, may be covering the other races going on around the country, including the Republican Senate Primary in Rhode Island. The school board and central committee candidates may be a bit more complex given the number of candidates and precincts involved, but we will try to coordinate through the night and get those up as they become available.

Are you excited? I know I am :)


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