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Friday, September 08, 2006

Peter Sola - Candidate for Board of Education

As I mentioned yesterday I am going to make a pitch for a second candidate that I think is worthy of support in the Board of Education race. (The first candidate I made a pitch for was Di Zou. If you didn't see the post yesterdat go check out my post on Di Zou.)

Peter Sola is a professor in the Education Department at Howard University. Both his children attended Wilde Lake High School where he served as the President of the PTA and his granddaughter will be entering the school system next year. He currently serves on the school system’s Ethics Panel and I think would bring an approach to the Board of Education that is sorely needed. I have spoken to him at length and found him knowledgeable, down-to-earth, and a person who thinks things through and asks good questions.

Peter served in the Peace Corp in Iran from 1965-1967 (i.e. pre-Iranian Revolution) teaching English. I think he would add an additional level of cultural awareness to the board and a first hand experience teaching people whose first language is not English, which will be useful to have on the board when dealing with English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) matters.

Since Peter Sola’s name will also come at the end of the ballot it would be great to encourage your friends, family, and neighbors in including him as one of the up to 5 candidates they vote for in the Board of Education race.

Please also remember my pitch from yesterday, where I suggested that in selecting candidates for the board we should look at which set of candidates contain people who each brings a particular element (whether knowledge set, priority set, or personality) that would either add something to the board or once on the board challenge the board to be better than it would be without that mix of people.


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