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Thursday, September 07, 2006

County Council District 5

The Republicans continue to debate if they are engaging in dirty politics on each other in County Council District 5.

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The Livesay camp backed by Charlie Feaga and now Jim Adams claims Greg Fox has been campaigning dirty using a push poll.

The Fox camp backed by Allen Kittleman and Sandy Schrader claims the Livesay camp is doing the old trick of crying foul to spear ones opponent with being tainted as conducting dirty politics.

Both tactics are common tactics I have seen Republicans use before.

Who is playing dirty? Well, each voter will have to judge. Those voters that are upset with how this is shaking down will have the following choices in November: 1) voting for the guy who played dirty to knock off the good candidate they were backing, 2) not voting, or 3) voting for long time fighter for west county causes Don Dunn.

It will also be interesting in seeing if Allen Kittleman and Warren Miller who apparently helped pay for the poll in question will get punished by the Livesay voters by not getting their votes. That is the nice thing about elections: the voters ultimately get to choose.

I also wonder yet again if old Feaga vs Schrader issues are playing out under the surface? If so, who does that help? Who does it hurt?

Any thoughts?


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