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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Di Zou

Di Zou graduated from Glenelg High School this past May and will be attending the University of Maryland this year majoring in math and physics.

As I said yesterday, since we have 5 of the 7 positions on the Board of Education up for election this year look at what set of candidates contain people who each brings a particular element (whether knowledge set, priority set, or personality) that would either add something to the board or once on the board challenge the board to be better than it would be without that mix of people.

Di is unique in the field of candidates this year and is probably on the cusp of getting enough votes to be considered in the general election. Di has lived in the school system for years as a student spending much of every day seeing which policies are effective, which need tweaking, and which are counter-productive. His presence on the Board of Education would significantly strengthen the board and help it fine tune it policies.

I graduated from Oakland Mills in 1996 and I remember from my time in the school system how the facts on the ground in the schools regarding the impact of policies seemed to not be comprehended by many of those on the Board of Education making the policies. I am sure many others who went through the school system had similar experiences. Di could change that by him having an equal vote and voice with the other 6 members of the board.

Di also would add a level of technology understanding that the board has shown a clear need of as they purchased flawed grade-recording software.

Please join me in supporting him and spreading the word that he would be a strong addition to the board. He doesn’t have thousands of dollars as some do to increase his name ID and with his name last on the ballot it takes an extra push to encourage people in including him as one of the up to 5 candidates they vote for.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a reminder - if you really like Di Zou (as I do) then vote ONLY for him. Yes, you can vote for up to five people, but every vote for someone else is a vote against him.

2:00 AM  

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