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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

County Council District 5

So the knock-down drag-out slug fest continues in the Republican Primary in County Council District 5 minus the one guy everyone seemed to respect, but by his own emission didn’t have the support to win. Jim Adams dropped out of the race Monday and endorsed Wayne Livesay. Adams said he was endorsing Livesay in part because he was upset at push polls Greg Fox was supposedly paying for. Republican blogger David Keelan writes that based on what he has heard one of his commenters may have some special insight that:

Jim Adams was misled into believing that Fox said, printed, or polled something that he never did. Fox won’t go there. What could it be? It will come out and then Jim will have a decision to make. My question is “Will his endorsement of Wayne Livesay stand?”

It might be useful to actually get a copy of what is being asked in these polls and stated in these fliers so voters can decide if its dirty politics or not. If you have that info I am happy to post it if I can verify the material.

Anyway go read the posts and discussions that happened today at the two Republican blogs:

HoCoMD Blog

The Hedgehog Report

I notice in the comments on The Hedgehog Report some discussion of how this all started with Charlie Feaga, I am curious why some people say that. I know Charlie is supporting Livesay, but it sounds like there is some bigger back story. With Schrader backing Fox is there some of the old Feaga v. Schrader stuff going on?

I know sadly dirty politics happens. I also know it is classic tactics to claim dirty politics to smear ones opponents for doing dirty politics. The only certainty is that this race has gotten very bitter. And that raises the question when one side loses in a week, what will it do: 1) support the person that they have been trashing and has trashed them for months, 2) recognize they have another option in feisty longtime champion of west county causes Don Dunn, 3) decide they don’t have a true Republican or a true west county person and won’t vote.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Adams wasn’t gaining traction. In fact, any word on the September 1st financial reporting for the council? That will show more about who has support.

6:35 AM  
Anonymous Western HoCo Dem said...

I have wanted to be tolerant towards the Republicans in Western Howard County. As someone who has lived in Republican territory for a long time, I've hoped that at least one or two of them would end up as decent public servants. Greg Fox embodies exactly what is wrong with Republicans in Howard County and the Republican Party in general. It is unfathomable to me that Allan Kittleman and Warren Miller would spend $10,000 (no small chunk of change in a County Council race) on a push poll to discredit Wayne Livesay. Everyone should read the Sun story covering this, because it shows just how vicious Republicans can be (even to one another). I hope Greg Fox goes down in flames.

9:09 AM  
Anonymous David W. Keelan said...

Western hoco dem,

I guess you haven't read the Hedgehog Report or the Howard County Maryland blogs on this topic. I think it is clear that it was not a push poll.

Also, remember David Rakes (D) and the support and kind words he got from the Dem party and Ken Ulman?

Howard County Democratic Central Committee, accused Rakes of "defecting from the party." Pendergrass and other Democrats said they will support Democratic challenger Calvin Ball to unseat Rakes in the Sept. 12 Democratic primary.

the county Democratic chair, said Rakes can forget about support from county Democrats in future elections.

"I think his action ... ended his political career as a Democrat," she said.

In an Aug 7, 2005 Sun article:

West Columbia Democrat Ken Ulman's comments after the council's July 28 meeting — that Rakes did not understand the legislation he voted on and that "his constituents should be embarrassed for him"

Rakes said in response:

Rakes said Ulman's comments were "a put-down and a slap in the face."

"I take it very personal," Rakes said of Ulman's statement. "I'm a very independent voter."

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rakes said Ulman's comments were "a put-down and a slap in the face."
"I take it very personal," Rakes said of Ulman's statement. "I'm a very independent

10:56 AM  
Blogger Evan said...

Rakes was corrupt. He gave a liquor licence to his campaign treasurer without disclosing it. Rakes then got pissed off at his fellow Dems when they refused to block an investigation of the matter. When the Dems rejected Rakes corruption the Republicans embraced it in order to get control of the council. I really wish Republicans would stop trying to make Rakes into a noble figure, when anyone who followed the story (particular East Columbia voters Merdon seems to want to win over) knows the corruption that started this whole things off. It just reduces their credibility and makes them look no different than the DC Republican Party, which I would think no one wanting to win in Howard County right now would want to be associated with.

11:10 AM  
Anonymous Western HoCo Dem said...

So, since Rakes is history now, back to Fox, Livesay and District 5.

The poll commissioned by Miller and Kittleman was a push poll, and you can tell based on the questions. Given that I haven't read Fox or anyone else give anything other than the "it was a scientific poll" response, no further evidence has been provided to show it was a legitimate poll. If anyone who supports this awful threesome--Greg Fox, Warren Miller, and Allan Kittleman--wants to resolve once and for all what exactly transpired with this poll, then release the questions! Release your "results" that have supposedly been compiled! Do more than say "Oh, well this is a legitimate, respected polling firm." That statement means nothing. I'm sure the polling firm that did George Bush's push polls on McCain in South Carolina was a "respected polling firm" too, right?

The poll's questions were designed to persuade the person being polled. "Did you know that Wayne Livesay opposes residents' right to have an opinion on zoning issues?" Push poll. "Did you know that John McCain has several non-white children?" Push poll.

Republicans need to maybe once in a while back a candidate who has a little dignity and who represents more than just the ends-justify-the-means do-whatever-it-takes hard-line wing of the Republican Party.

8:59 PM  
Blogger Tom Berkhouse said...


You and the democratic party in general have NO business talking about Rakes' corruption, while defending Ken "Napolean" Ulman, who blatantly broke a number of laws during Comp Lite, and several other development projects in which he intervened on behalf of friends/developers. Isn't Ulman a friend of Sang Oh, who happens to be a member of the Bethel Korean Church, and a former aid to Jim "I'm never in the George Howard Building" Robey? Gee - is that why Ulman, Guzzone, Robey, and the Office of Law allowed Comp Lite to proceed and be passed, even when it violates black & white laws? Please, Evan, before you start preaching how others should "clean up their house", get your own house (the Democratic Party) cleaned up!!!

And, the whole Rakes issue was kind of dead until Rakes voted to elect Merdon Council Chairperson (after he got tired of being bossed around by Napolean boy), then the democrats threatened to start the investigation themselves! So much for independent thinking in the democratic party. Why don't you, and the other dumocrats stop trying to smear Greg Fox, and worry about the ethical lapses and corruption in your party's candidates (some, not all of them).
Thanks - and have great day.

10:04 PM  
Blogger Evan said...


I really wonder if you read my blog because:

1) I am a consistent critic of bad development and zoning ideas

2) I have never, not once, defended a corrupt Democrat

Add to that you have the timeline wrong on when the investigation of Rakes was initiated. I had heard about the investigation a long time before Rakes switched control of the council.

And if you knew anything about me you would know I am one of the most vocal local voices for making sure the Democratic Party is completely clean. I hate corruption in any form and by anyone. Period.

And though you would have no way of knowing this I started trying talk someone into running against Rakes in December of 2004. I cannot stumach corruption and I actively try to fight it everywhere. I have a solid record on this.

Maybe you should not be so knee-jerk on making assumptions.

12:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Rakes made some bad decisions and did not represent the will of his overwhelmingly Democratic district. He is out of the public eye and should be allowed some peace not lies glorifying him or hurtful words villainizing him.

The Livesay attacks are current and relevant. Saying “you did it too” does not make it right.

What law did Ken Ulman break? How is name-calling helpful in meaningful discussion?

8:32 AM  
Blogger Tom Berkhouse said...

The law that says that only rezoning applications received by a certain deadline can be considered for Comprehensive Zoning. This go around, there were so many applications, that the Council had to consider a number of them under Comp Lite. However, Guzzone, Ulman, Robey, the Office of Law, and those who were overseeing the process, allowed a number of applications to be accepted after the deadline, and be put into Comp Lite anyway. In fact, Guzzone, at one Council Hearing, read off a list of the cases that were to comprise Comp Lite. Later on, the list was expanded, in violation of the law. So, Ulman, who is a lawyer, and should be able to comprehend the law, ignored it and then proceeded to doll out approvals like presents on Christmas. Most notably, the rezoning given to Bethel Korean Church - on behalf of Sang Oh, former law school buddy of Ulman, and former aid to Jim Robey. I guess they figure approving rezoning requests for friends will buy a fair amount votes - given that the Korean Church has several thousand congregants. If Ulman feels that rezoning that church was the right thing to do, why doesn't he offer to rezone ALL churches in the County. I guess nobody from the other churches is a close enough friend to enjoy special treatment.

11:06 PM  
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