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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Election Day

We have some very exciting elections on tap today so remember to go vote. We will be live-blogging the results for County Council District 4 Democratic Primary and House of Delegates District 13 Democratic Primary here on this blog. HayDuke will be live-blogging the Democratic Primaries for County Executive and County Council District 2. HoCoMD Blog will be live-blogging all of the Republican Primary results. The Hedgehog Report will be looking at the other primaries around the country, including the Republican Senate Primary in Rhode Island. We will try to coordinate bringing you the school board results as they come in.

Polls close at 8pm so results will start coming in some point after that (my best guess is 8:30pm or 9pm). I will be blogging my analysis of what to look for tonight around 8pm and may be on in the late afternoon if anything of note is worth reporting at that time.

In the meantime let us know what the turn out is at your precinct (you can ask the election judge and they normally will tell you) and which candidates you see at which polling places. Also if you have any last minute pitches for your favorite candidate feel free to post them.


Anonymous Paula Supporter said...

While there has been much comment on this blog about the candidacy of state Senator Paula C. Hollinger who is running to succeed Ben Cardin as the 3rd District Congressperson...few recognize the work that Paula has done for Maryland and the things she could do if elected to Congress.

With that said..allow me to post the Baltimore Sun's endorsement of Senator Hollinger:

"Third District: Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin's decision to pursue a Senate bid has left this sprawling district, which zigzags through Baltimore and three counties, with the rare opportunity of an open House seat.

Among the particularly rich field on the Democratic ballot, the best choice is state Sen. Paula C. Hollinger, who offers local experience, issue expertise, legislative effectiveness and a record of constituent service sure to be repeated in Washington.

During 28 years in the General Assembly, Ms. Hollinger rose to the ranks of chairwoman of the Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee, where she is a leading voice on those issues. Her more recent accomplishments include enactment of a measure to provide state money for embryonic stem cell research.

In the 435-member House of Representatives, freshmen who come from state legislatures tend to adapt more quickly, and Ms. Hollinger already has contacts in both parties with whom she plans to form alliances.

But for Ms. Hollinger's broader résumé, at least two of her competitors would shine in this race: Dr. Peter Beilenson, a former Baltimore health commissioner, and John P. Sarbanes, a lawyer representing health care providers and the son of retiring U.S. Sen. Paul S. Sarbanes.",0,4890105.story?coll=bal-opinion-headlines

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Dave Wissing said...

At the Old Folks Home on Vantage Point Road, there were about ten people either already voting or in line at around 7:05am. No candidates out front, but about six people handing out literature, all for Democratic candidates or school board (Mfume, Simms, Feldmark, Lerner were the ones I remember).

8:10 AM  
Blogger sea_bass said...

I support Ben Cardin for U.S. Senate!

Also, if you're in Montogomery County or Baltimore City, be warned:,0,1406145.story?coll=bal-home-headlines

11:23 AM  
Blogger Greg Pultorak said...

@ Phelps Luck elementary in Long Reach, Calvin Ball and Neil Quinter were out pressing the flesh.

8:34 PM  
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