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Monday, June 15, 2009

Planning Board Chair David Grabowski Let's County Council Know How He Would Have Voted on ZRA 102

As you may recall the Planning Board split 2-2 on ZRA 102 (Village Center Revitalization Process Zoning Amendment that is now County Bill 29). Planning Board Chair David Grabowski was the fifth vote and was available to vote by phone at the time of the vote, but wasn't called. Until now I had not heard how he would have voted to break the 2-2 split. I am watching the County Council hearing at home, before going over to testify later this evening (I am towards the end of those signed up to testify) and David is up for reappointment to the Planning Board. When he was testifying on his reappointment, Courtney Watson (D-1) ask him how he would have voted. David said he would have voted with Tammy CitraManis and Linda Dombrowski.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That q/a session seemed strange, almost staged.

What's the harm if he says he would have voted no? None. The council needed a tad good PR on him to keep the outspoken people from griping at the council's obvious direction to approve reappointment.

One question went something like, "Can you make objective decisions?"

Excuse me?

Further, I didn't see the horrendous record that would have necessitated that kind of exchange. Though admittedly, it could be there in the details.

7:29 AM  
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