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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Councilwoman Terrasa Reviews Village Center Revitalization Bill with the Kings Contrivance Village Board and Representatives of Owen Brown

On Thursday night Councilwoman Terrasa met with the Kings Contrivance Village Board and went line by line through CB-29, the County Bill on Village Center Redevelopment.

Also joining the discussion were the Owen Brown Village Board Chair Andy Stack and Vice Chair Summer Romack.

Councilwoman Terrasa brought with her copies of all the sections of the Zoning Regulations referred to in CB-29, an important component of reviewing any piece of legislation. She also brought examples of Preliminary Development Plans, Comprehensive Sketch Plans, Final Development Plans, Site Development Plans, and Document Site Plans for the board to see which has the levels of detail that it would need to assess proposed Village Center revitalization plans. She also brought copies of the report produced by Barbara Kellner at the Columbia Archives on the history and purpose of Village Centers. (The Columbia Archives completed this report upon my request when I was chairing the Planning and Strategy Committee on the Columbia Council and I am very glad to see it being used as we move forward on this very important matter.)

As a result of how prepared Councilwoman Terrasa and members of the Kings Contrivance and Owen Brown Village Boards were and hard work and great note taking of Jen Terrasa's assistant Mary Clay and intern Alison and Kings Contrivance Village Manager Anne Brinker, this meeting was the most productive and constructive meeting of I have attended in a long time.

Councilwoman Terrasa brought with her a comprehensive understanding of issue, clearly showing that she had followed the issue closely and delved into every aspect of this important piece of legislation. Her clear dedication to the Rouse vision and the importance of the Village Center within that vision was apparent throughout the discussion. She was searching for constructive solutions to amend the current legislation to ensure the legislation would result in well-planned Village Centers that could evolve while staying true to the Rouse vision. As a voter I think I have never been prouder of one of my representatives. She is well on her way to upholding my faith and trust in her.

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