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Friday, March 02, 2007

The Must See Exhibit at the Columbia Art Center

On Thursday I went over to see the “Portrait of Howard County” photo exhibit at the Columbia Art Center. The photos are an amazingly diverse look at Howard County taken by very talented students from the county’s high schools.

The photos will be on display at the Columbia Art Center until March 4th and then will be at several of the county’s libraries.

The Columbia Art Center is at the Long Reach Village Center and is one of the many destinations we have in our community that people seem to forget when they complain we do not have destinations in Howard County. Another such community gem is the Howard County Center for the Arts that is in Ellicott City in a former school in a residential neighborhood north of Normandy Shopping Center. I use to do the lights for my sister’s dance recitals there and have seen several plays there. If you look there is actually a lot going on in Howard County. Please let me know what you hear of stuff going on in the community that you think others might be interested in. You can always post these events in the Open Threads or email them to me.

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Anonymous jim adams said...

Great posting, we need more of this information.

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Robin Abello said...

Yes, the art center is truly a hidden gem. We actually lived about a mile away from the Art Center for 3 years before I found out it existed. Now I'm a member of the faculty there (teaching the digital photography classes). Part of the reason it's not as well known is it's under the Columbia Association and their marketing budget is geared more towards the Health & Fitness clubs. The Columbia Art Center doesn't even have its own website. If you happen to be in the neighborhood of Long Reach, stop by and while you're there, grab a copy of the Art Classes brochure. There are a wide variety of classes for children and adults. And there's a little gift shop where faculty and students can display and sell their art works. Something truly local and homegrown.

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for highlighting this exhibit. It was really worth seeing, and I would have missed it otherwise.

10:05 AM  
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