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Monday, August 28, 2006

Open Thread

Here is an open thread for you to discuss today's candidates forum for County Exec and County Council District 4. What did you think of the candidates? Even if you are not able to attend feel free to use this as a place to share your thoughts. What are you hearing in the community? I have seen a lot of candidate literature being left at people's doors and my mailbox is certainly full of a lot of pieces of literature from candidates. What are you getting from the candidates? What do you think of what they have to say. Feel free to discuss any election, not just the ones will be covered at tonights forum.

Oh, and for those new to the blog here are a couple posts you might be interested in:

1) A Recap of Issues Related to the redevelopment of Columbia's Downtown
2) An idea about how Metro might be extended to Columbia in a way that relieves local road and not just highways
3) An idea about how to revitalize our village centers and get rid of the big box strip along Snowden River Parkway
4) Why community planning matters


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