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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Number of county school board candidates now up to at least nine

Alphabetically, declared candidates are Frank Aquino (who ran last time), Larry Cohen (retiring from the school system), Sandra French (former long-time member), Ellen Flynn Giles, Patricia Gordon (current member finishing her six-year term), Carmen Harman (Spanish teacher), Joshua Kaufman (president of current board), Tony Yount (retired principal), and Di Zou (high school senior). With five members elected this year, there would need to be at least eleven candidates or a primary would not be necessary and there seems to be plenty of time to come up with the required number for that.


Blogger Ken said...

Ten school board candidates attended today's African American Coalition of Howard County forum. Two, Roger Lerner (an unsuccessful candidate from 2004) and Peter Sola (a veteran of the school system), were new additions to the nine mentioned previously. Spanish teacher Carmen Harman, on the other hand, has reportedly decided to withdraw. If all ten stay in the race, they'll need only one more candidate to have enough for a primary that would reduce the general election field to ten.

7:13 PM  
Blogger Ken said...

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