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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Nationals have a New Owner and we will soon have a New Guest Blogger

Theodore N. Lerner’s group has been selected as the new owner of the Nationals. From what Lerner and his family have said they want to do with the team I think I am optimistic and think this was a great choice by Major League Baseball. It is local ownership that wants to be a partner with the community and is committed to build the team up from the farm system. I have long been frustrated with Angelos’s ownership of my beloved O’s for his buying sluggers at the end of their career and failing to make effective use of the farm system.

This brings me to the exciting news that we will soon have a new guest blogger joining us to cover our region’s sports and other topics that affect the people of Howard County. I look forward to hear his thoughts on the new Nats ownership.


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