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Friday, April 28, 2006

CA Elections

The Town Center elections are this Saturday. Polls will be open from 9am to 2pm at Vantage Road Park or if you live in Vantage House or the Evergreens in your building. All owners or renters can vote. If you haven't mailed your ballot in yet, please take a few minutes to go to your polling place.

The results of all the other villages were published in this week's Flier. Congrats to all the winners.

The Flier also has some editorials on the Town Center race worth checking out. They didn't publish mine, but here is what I wrote them:

In the editorial “Openness, accountability for CA arecommon goal” the Flier when discussing the position of Town Center CA Rep wrote “The CA board rep will bean important advocate for residents' interests as the county's evolving 30-year master plan for downtownColumbia continues to take shape”. I agree that the CA Rep for Town Center should be an important advocate for residents' interests during the redevelopment of Town Center. I have attended every single Focus Group meeting on the redevelopment of Town Center and sadly during those meetings the current incumbent CA Rep, Jud Malone, has used his seat on the Focus Group toroutinely preach that we must trust the developer. In contrast, I have watched the other candidate for Town Center CA Rep, Gail Broida, throughout the redevelopment process ask probing questions, listen to the concerns of other residents, and work to find ways to fix the plan so that the redevelopment will result in a livable, economically sustainable Town Center that reflects the Howard County values of diversity, preservation of greenspace, and planning before we build so that infrastructure matches community’s needs.


Anonymous Dave Wissing said...

I think Broida has this one in the bag. The one letter that jumped out at me was the one from Michelle Crnkovich. She is the president of the condo association that Jud Malone (and myself as well) live in. Two years ago, Crnkovich openly promoted Malone and helped drive many people neighbors to vote for him. In a low turnout election, getting a solid block of votes from one neighborhood can be huge.

With Crnkovich coming against Malone, I am sure she will be able to convince many of her own neighbors to vote fro Broida as well. The fact that Malone can't count on getting that solid block this time around from his own home neighborhood means he already starts in a hole. I expect Broida to get a sizable majority of votes from The Evergreens and the areaaround the mall. I guess it will come down to whether Malone can convince enough people in the old folks home to vote for him to overcome that.

1:34 PM  
Blogger Evan said...

Interesting analysis. I hope you are right. We will see soon. Have you voted by mail or will you vote in person.

11:37 PM  
Anonymous Dave Wissing said...

I voted earlier today. Both candidates had supporters going door-to-door to get people to vote, but I did find it interesting that Gail Broida's people trolling around the neighborhood offering a free ride on her Segway to the voting area if they promised to vote for Broida. Some might call it vote buying, but I have to give her credit for coming up with that idea.
When I saw Malone at the voting area with his wife shaking hands, he almost seemed resigned to the fact he was probably going to lose.

I voted at about 10:30 and the Village manager said they had about thirty-five walk up voters so far. Based on the list I saw, they also had quite a few absentee votes already in, so I don't think reaching a quorom is going to be much of a problem. One negative is they weren;t giving anything away for free. Two years ago, everyone who voted got a free bag and they also had a neighborhood-wide yard sale to attract people to the voting area. This year, nothing....

I guess we will know tonight

1:03 PM  
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