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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Western Howard County Democratic Candidates Forum Open Thread

If you made it to the Western Howard County Democratic Candidates Forum Monday night use this open thread to share what you thought.

I arrived late, but I was impressed that if you don’t count the candidates that were at each the turn out was the same size as the well attended candidates forum a couple weeks earlier. It was also interesting that besides the candidates there was not much overlap between audiences.

When I arrived 5th District County Council Candidate Don Dunn was speaking passionately about thinking through growth and change before it happens and developing a plan to manage it. I know it will be an up hill battle for Dunn to win, but the more I see him at events in the community I think he has a chance. Dunn strikes me as that rare genuine fighter for the interests of the community and good governance that you rarely see entering politics these days. Maybe I am becoming a Don Dunn groupie, but I just find his honesty a breath of fresh air and I love his passion for making a difference.

Unfortunately I missed most of when Dave "Oz" Osmundson, who is running for District 9A House of Delegates seat and Richard Corkran, who is running for State Senate in District 9 were speaking, were speaking, so I hope those who were there will fill me in in the comments section.

Update: Here is a picture of the forum Kevin Donohue of KFDMedia just emailed me:


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