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Friday, April 14, 2006

Open Thread on Thursday's CA Meeting

Here is a thread for those of you who were at tonights CA meeting to share your thoughts. I hear fellow local blogger HayDuke was there and I hope he can pop in over here and share his thoughts, particularly on how to get the best outcome when the HFStival is at Merriweather over Memorial Day weekend. I have shared some of my thoughts in this post, but I want to hear your thoughts.

On a side note there was coverage of the local blogs in the Baltimore Examiner on Wednesday. In it HayDuke revealed his true identity to my surprise as my friend Ian Kennedy. I had only guessed that HayDuke was Ian the night before when I read his very good post on his own search for an affordable starter home in Columbia and realized that the story was the experience Ian had just gone through. I can only imagine what was going though Ian's head when we were discussing what I thought of HayDuke while watching a Terps game a couple months ago (January I think). Anyway Ian congrats on buying your first place and great point about the fact that part of our problem is that we aren't building starter homes any more. That is one of your best posts yet and I highly recommend everyone read it.


Blogger Hayduke said...


Thank you.

I'm actually impressed with myself for keeping my identity hidden for so long -- my secrets never tend to stay secret.

As for the CA meeting last night, I presented testimony thanking the Board for their support of Merriweather. The HFStival is going to be another "feather in the cap" for IMP, and I am confident that they and the various governmental agencies involved in planning for it will have the situation under control at all times.

After I left to do some more painting, the Board discussed its role in planning for the event, accordingt to Justin -- the other half of Save Merriweather. Boardmembers expressed a desire to reach out to village boards to explain what is going on with the concert and how CA is handling it. There were concerns about the size of the HFStival and people brought up the Grateful Dead, but on the whole it sounds like everyone is comfortable with how the planning is proceeding.

Not to drag this on too long, but the reference to the Grateful Dead is a little disturbing, if only for its innappropriateness. When the Dead came to town, they brought 2 or 3 times as many people as tickets, people who are known for, um, eccentric behavior. The HFStival, on the other hand, will host 27,000 people a day, most of whom will be area suburban kids -- very much like those who peacefully coexist with us. And it's not fair to lump them into the same category as the Dead-heads. If nothing else, they smell considerably better.

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Evan i lost your number sorry - but you can call me any time today if you want to meet up tommorrow - 410-533-1943

11:33 AM  

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