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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Maryland's Teachers Pension Crisis

Maryland's Teachers Pensions are the lowest in the nation. That's right they are behind Missippi, Alabama, Arkansas. The current pension is 38% of average final salary minus state taxes. A retired school employee in Pennsylvania's pension benefits are 75% of their average final salary and are state tax-free. A friend of mine who is a teacher wrote me in an email tonight:

For an Educational Service Provider (ESP), that's about $9,000 per year. For a teacher with 30 years experience, that's about $23,000.

That is pathetic. If we want to get quality people to provide America's future a quality education then we need to give them a pension they can live on in retirement.

We can each do something very important to end Maryland's worst in the nation status and provide our hard working teachers a pension that can support them after the long hours they put in so current students have the skills they need in life. To make a difference go use this tool the MSTA has set up to make it easy for you to send a letter to your state legislators to encourage them to vote to fix the pension system.


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