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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Help Mt. Hebron - Recent Events

Help Mount Hebron Mission

HMH has stated repeatedly since February 2007 that our mission is to seek safe, code compliant building where the educational programs, as provided for in Howard CountyPublic Sschool System' 1999 educational specifications, can be delivered effectively without compromise in a positive building environment.

Board of Education Renovation Presentation was made on Thursday, April 10th, The Board of Education was presented the design schematic for the Mt. Hebron renovation project. Remedies to deficiencies referred to in our April Update were shown on the new drawings. ( for drawings).

The design now includes:
a new science room and a renovated science room to remedy the current condition of 2 undersized science rooms. Both rooms would meet Ed Specs.
an internal gathering area for the students in the front and access through the courtyard.
Under sized classrooms are being looked at to see if the principal wants to keep them or have them reconfigured to one ed spec sized classroom and a smaller space of 400 square feet. The principal has yet to make this decision.

The location of the two modulars was identified. They are to be placed near by the baseball fields and it appears on the small parking lot there. The lot will be closed to traffic and a student pedestrian "plaza" will exist to ensure their safety.

Dr. Cousin stated that the HCPSS is fully committed to implementing the plan and seeking the necessary funding. Funding will be sought on actual costs.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forget about Hebron. When will an older, and far worse school, ever get attention? I'm talking about Hammond. It is poorly lit, over crowded and an awful place for children to go to school.

And no, my kids don't go there. I just think we should take care of the schools that really need it first before we take care of the ones that just have better PR.

8:03 AM  
Anonymous jim adams said...

I'am not going to forget about Hebron, and neither should you.

Use it as an example to get things moving at Hammond.

If I can be of help, e-mail me at

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Lin said...

Great work.

1:30 PM  

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