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Thursday, April 10, 2008


Dear Jim ,
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This is the beginning of another political love note I receive about once a month. I want to tell you what my experience has been with this group. One evening during the month I will receive a call from a female with a young sweet innocent voice (they know their market). The conversation starts out very politically broad based for a minute or two, then I always ask"do you find it hard to build a unified independent party". The answer is always, "Jim, we are not building a party". I love it when she says "Jim", it almost makes me forget what CUIP stands for. CUIP - The Committee for a Unified Independent PARTY. Then she sweet talks a little more, and I know she is waiting for my answer to her question about a donation. My answer is always"No", and that quick she is gone, and they say men are always in a hurry.

The reason I am writing this, was not to bad mouth CUIP. I am just thinking about the world of politics. My Dad loved politics, and had great admiration for people who served in office, as naive as I know that sounds it was true. I admit I am my father's son, just as naive, still a political virgin. I tell you this because it doesn't matter whether it is CUIP, Republicans, or the Dems, there are times when I feel like I am sitting at a bar, and the woman next to me is not my wife, not my daughter, not my mother, and yet she expects me to gamble on the price of a drink when I know I will loss.

I think we need to get more for our money, not just our donations, more importantly the taxes we pay. As a democracy grows it becomes much more complex as a form of government and drifts away from serving those it should be representing. Our founding fathers didn't plan this to happen, it is a natural occurrence with growth. This is why we have to speak up, from the grass roots, speak loud and clear, but to do this we have to be informed and know what we want. In the last local election the buzz word was "accountability", it has been followed by "transparency", and if I could choose the next word, it would be "objectivity". But the words are not working, because we are saying that is what government should be. As my dear and wonderful chemistry teacher use to say "We got it Bass Acwards".

We should be more accountable, why was 4.million given to the Howard Co. Hospital fund raiser by our local government. I am sure that 4.million could have fixed something within our schools or somewhere in the county infrastructure, and the hospital would have still raised that money.
Why is Mt Hebron Senior High School happy about a "promise' that 27million might go into a contingency fund this year towards the work that needs to be do. They have been fighting for this for years. Will our property taxes go down, because house values are decreasing, don't bet on it. It would not cross any ones mind to reduce government spending.

Another thing, that house bill in Annapolis hb246, I heard it was pulled off the floor by a Senator who was not from Howard County. I hope this isn't true, I wouldn't want to think this was done so any of our Senators wouldn't look bad having to vote against a large private effort by citizens.

That reminds me I should stop here, I need to send an e-mail to Annapolis. I have some time next week maybe I will ride down to Annapolis, have a couple beers and chat with friends about this last session.


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