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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Wincopin Street South

Laura Greenback in the Baltimore Examiner has a great article on how the county’s proposed plan for downtown would destroy some of Columbia’s greatest community gathering space by running Wincopin Street south through the Hug Statue Park and on the top edge of the Grass Amphitheater at the Lakefront. I highly recommend you go read Laura’s article.

As Laura points out in her article I have written about this before and suggested solutions to allow the developers to make a lot of money while at the same time preserving these community gathering places that are local treasures:

The Problem:

A Solution:

The solution preserves the Hug Park and the winding path through the trees in it.

Laura, thank you for giving the web address for this blog in your article. I think my fellow bloggers will agree that it is great when journalists covering blogs provide the web address so their readers can go out and check it out for themselves. I know I always try to link to news articles that I talk about so that my readers can go read the news articles. It is great to see that Laura is one of the ones that gets the etiquette of blogging. Laura also has several over great articles in the Examiner that you can check out here.

To find a recap of what has been going on with downtown Columbia redevelopment click here:


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