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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Glen Echo Park

A friend of mine from high school is turning 30 this weekend and is having a three day long party to celebrate (I am taking a little break from the festivities right now). The festivities started last night when we went contra dancing (a type of folk dancing) in Glen Echo Park. I had never been to Glen Echo Park before, but it is really an amazing community treasure. It has the feel of the Tivoli Gardens that Rouse originally envisioned for downtown Columbia with a carousel, bumper cars, children’s art center, glass blowing studio, arcade, and a variety of public space including a Spanish Ballroom, a Dance Theater, playground, and picnic area. The park was hopping last night with contra dancing in the Spanish Ballroom and Salsa dancing in an open air pavilion nearby both to live music. As we think about the redevelopment of downtown Columbia I think it is worth studying such local treasures and see how and where best to integrate such community space into the plan. Anyone have any suggestions?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure. Use green roof technology and put the acres and acres of roof space on this structure to use as a huge open air park, with open air restaurants, dancing, ice rinks, etc.

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