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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Democracy for Howard County Endorsements

Democracy for Howard County (the local Democracy of America group) made its endorsements today for Board of Education and Central Committee. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Democracy for America it is a fiscally responsible, socially progressive group that came out of Howard Dean's presidential campaign. The local Democracy for Howard County groups stated goals are:

  • Fiscally Responsible Government
  • Equal Rights for All
  • Economic Security For All
  • Environmental Preservation
  • Health Care for All
  • Investment in Children
  • A Transparent Government and Political Process Free of Corruption and Responsive to the American People
  • A National Security Policy that Protects America Without Curtailing Our Civil Liberties

Democracy for Howard County endorsed:

Board of Education: (5 slots)

  • Larry Cohen
  • Allen Dyer
  • Sandra French
  • Peter Sola
  • And no one else got enough votes for the fifth endorsement

(Personal Note: Di Zou came one vote short of getting endorsed and since I really think he would be a superb addition to the Board of Education I am going to give him a quick shout out. Di just graduated from Glenelg High School and is about to start at my alma mater the University of Maryland – College Park, where he will be majoring in Physics and Math. As a recent graduate of our school system he probably has a better understanding of what policies are working and what policies are not than most people who do not spend every day in the school system. I think this shows in his three priorities 1) stop having standardized tests diverting attention from quality teaching (and I got the impression that he was willing to use the leadership role of the school board to advocate for state and federal officials to clean up the messes they are making of our education system when they mandate poorly designed tests), 2) promote vocational training, and 3) improve the school systems technological infrastructure. On this last point I can just think of the money the county could save if we had someone on the Board of Education who was technologically literate enough to ask the right questions before we buy programs like the county’s current grading software that is so clearly broken.)

Central Committee: (12 slots)

  • Mark Hensman
  • Raj Kudchadkar
  • Byron MacFarlane
  • Gary Magnuson
  • Debbie Matherly
  • Tony McGuffin
  • Jim Mellicant
  • Dave Osmundson
  • Cathy Zomlefer
  • And Three No Endorsements


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Three No Endorsements?!?
No Carole Fisher--a "founder" of the Democratic Party in Howard County?
No Bill Woodcock--a founder of the Young Democrats of Howard County?
What better credentials for Democratic Central Committee?
Have the people endorsing helped to get more Democrats elected in Howard County? Will they over the next four years?

6:33 AM  
Blogger Evan said...

The answer to the last two questions are yes and yes.

As to the first two questions, I think Carole Fisher is a work horse who gives her all for the Democratic Party but she didn't get enough votes to get endorsed.

I don't think Bill Woodcock got a single vote. His "leadership" of the Columbia Democratic Club and his actions over the last year have been a great disappointment to many people include some who had previously been a huge fan of his.

9:05 AM  
Blogger Ken said...

I'm an active voting member of both Democracy for Howard County (DFH) and the Columbia Democratic Club (CDC). You may be sure that my initial ballot on Democratic Central Committee endorsements contained a whole lot more than three no endorsements. I'm not about to endorse or vote for any candidate who (1) opposed amending the CDC Bylaws to permit the club to decide for themselves (as a small d democratic club) at a post-primary endorsement session whether they wanted to NOT endorse some possible primary-winning Democrat whose statements (e.g. Comptroller William Donald Schaefer) or voting records (e.g. Delegate Steve DeBoy of LD12A) are so out of line with the adopted positions of the club or (2) talked as if CDC should just be a cog in the party machinery and a rubber stamp. The latter is not why I got into politics. Ideology, not political party, has always come first with me and it always will.
I do not regard myself as being on the same team with those who would just rubberstamp whatever Democrat just because he or she calls himself or herself a Democrat and I don't want those people representing me in any office. For me, at least, the Democratic candidate has to be better on issues than the Republican and, if in a legislative office, have a positive voting record. In those rare instances where I considered the Republican candidate as having a better voting record (e.g. Senator Mac Mathias over nominal Democrat Ed Conroy in 1980) or positions on issues (e.g. John W. Holland for County Council in 1970), I voted for the Republican. Otherwise, it makes no difference to me who gets elected.

6:01 AM  
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