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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Accountability vs. Impartiality

I wanted to stick my own two cents in on Demos's post below, but before I do I want to thank Demos, Ken, and Alan for posting while I am camping out west and I hope all of you have been enjoying there posts.

Now on to what Demos wrote in the post below, I could not disagree more. There is no such thing as impartiality with such things as zoning decisions, but we can have accountability. That is if the zoning board is elected the voters can hold them accountable. That is the only way the public can have a voice in this very important process. The more the zoning board is separated from the voters the less voice the public will have and the more likely back room deals with developers will be able to go on unchecked. Let's not throw out accountability in the search for the mythical notion of impartiality.