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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Columbia Elections

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago the Columbia elections are coming up on April 22nd. I believe all the filing deadlines have passed so I was wondering if you new who was running in each village? With all the important decisions coming up regarding downtown Columbia these elections are very important and no where more so than for the Columbia Council Reps of each village and the Town Center Village Board (I think Wilde Lake and Kings Contrivance will also be very important as talk about changes to those village centers seems likely). One of the problems with Columbia Elections tends to be lack of coverage of these races and thus very few people are aware of them or much about the candidates. I think blogs can help change that, so I plan to provide some coverage of these races here at Howard County Blog. In order to do this I will need you to be my eyes and ears in the community. Please post comments or email me about anything you see or hear. I will probably have open threads on each village’s candidates forums so those there can share with the rest of us what happened and what they thought of the candidates. I would also love to see any campaign lit pieces or hear from those who run into candidates in their area. Feel free to scan and email me candidate lit.


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