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Thursday, March 23, 2006

CA Media Matters Looking for Second Generation Columbians

This looks interesting:

CA's cable television program, Columbia Matters, is seeking second generation Columbians for a future show on that topic. Second generation Columbians are current residents in their twenties or older who spent all or a portion of their childhood in Columbia and have remained or returned after living elsewhere.
For more information, please contact 410-715-3210 or email

As a "second generation Columbian" myself I am always currious to hear about the experiences of others who grew up here. I have found that growing up in Columbia has shaped the world view of most of the people who grew up here. They look at people as individuals rather than stereotyped groups and are interested in finding other tolerant, well planned communities to live. Here is one of my earlier posts where I talk about the impact of growing up in Columbia.

If you are a "second generation Columbian" drop me an email.

Use this post as an open thread to share your experience growing up in Howard County if you did and how you think that has shaped your outlook.


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