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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Liz Bobo Has a New Website

Delegate Liz Bobo, who represents parts of Howard County, including downtown Columbia, in Maryland House of Delegates has created a website to help keep her constituents informed about the redevelopment of downtown Columbia.


Blogger Byron Macfarlane said...

Isn't she a fantastic Delegate? Most of these legislators wouldn't be bothered to help keep their constituents informed and organized. Let's be thankful for her.

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Beth said...


Isnt it true that the Democratic party does not want to change to electronic voting because as a general rule liberals and.or democrats (one in the same)are too stupid and uneducated to use them at all much less properly. After all most democrats are uneducated losers. Come on you know I speak the truth. BTW Dont take the black vote for granted, they are finally wising up.

Please let met know of your thoughts on this.

6:05 PM  
Anonymous Regina said...

I'm not sure where Beth is coming from, implying that the Democratic party does not want to change to electronic voting because liberals and/or democrats are too stupid and uneducated to use them.

Anyone who has actually educated themselves about the electronic voting systems has been able to use their intelligence to see that the Touch-Screen voting machines are not reliable. There have been numerous documented cases where the electronic voting machines have given results that were known to be inaccurate. There have been instances where there were more votes cast than there were registered voters. There have been ballots cast with absolutely NO votes "recorded". Computer security experts have repeatedly shown the ability to hack into the electronic voting machines and change votes.

Would you want to go to the grocery store and have them scan all of your groceries and ask you to pay for them without having a cash register receipt to verify any disagreements about what you are being charged? You would not want to have the grocery store say "Just trust us, this amount is correct". I know there have been plenty of times when grocery stores have rung up an incorrect price on items I've bought.

Heck, even when I was working for an accountant, we had to retain the tape from the calculator to show that our amounts were correct.

Anyone who uses a computer with any regularity knows that computers need "back up" in case there is a problem. Power failure. Programming error. Faulty wiring. Even an insect.....the term "computer bug" actually originated because an insect got into a computer and wreaked havoc.

Another is not just a matter of whether someone is too stupid or uneducated to use the new electronic voting machines.
I have experience working with Senior Citizens and computers, and it is just a simple fact that the older generations, who did not grow up using computers do not have the comfort and familiarity with computers that today's youngsters have. I believe it is disrespectful to foist these "newfangled" machines onto elderly people who will definitely not be using them often enough to get familiar with them and how they work.

With the recent elections being so contentious, and the results being questioned, I would think that everyone, no matter what party they belonged to would want to have a system for voting that we could trust, and verify, and audit.

6:10 PM  
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