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Sunday, February 12, 2006

He didn't just say that

According the The Sun, MD Lt. Governor and Republican Senate Candidate Michael Steele equated researchers working on life saving embryonic stem cell research to Nazi doctors who did medical experimentation on Holocaust victims. My grandfather suffered from Alzheimer’s before he died. It is one of the most miserable things to see a once bright person go through, robbed of what makes them who they are. Stem cell research holds real possibility to save people from the misery of Alzheimer’s as well as numerous other deadly diseases. How can one claim to value life without caring for the living and their ability to live life? My undergrad thesis advisor was a survivor of Nazi medical experimentation and what was done to him was nothing like the life saving research stem cell researchers are working on. Michael Steele's comments are so out of touch with the reality of stem cell research it is hard for me to grasp the warped mindset that can produce it. It is born out of an extremism that values the abstraction of life without valuing the living.