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Friday, March 21, 2008

9409 I miss you

You stood tall and straight, day and night, for more than 30 years.
On the best of days, and the worst of nights, I counted on you, and you were always there.
You held some of what was most precious to me, and some of what I discarded with delight.
You flew your flag upon my request, and contained what was mine with the tightest of lids.
Not the strike of a baseball bat, or the force of a snowplow, would keep you from your purpose.

But that has come to pass, for some odd and strange reason you are no longer mine, your no longer there to greet my first time quest, or to identify were we both resided.

To that person or persons who separated us, I have this to say. I forgive you for your act.Your
adolescence, I hope will someday be replaced with maturity. I forgive you. You must have needed my mailbox more, than you thought I did, and so it is yours.


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