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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Voting Machines Security and Verifiability

State Senator Ed Kasemeyer (D-District 12) has introduced a bill in the Senate to require a voter verified auditable paper trail in Maryland elections. With our current voting machines there is no way for the voter to know that their votes are being recorded as they are cast. This bill is the Senate version of a bill that was championed by Delegate Liz Bobo (D-District 12B) last session. Last sessions bill passed the House of Delegates unanimously only to be killed in the Senate by legislative manuever by now-former State Senator Paula Hollinger. The voters in the last election expressed their displeasure with former State Senator Paula Hollinger when she ran for congress and came in third despite her representing the largest junk of voters in the very gerimandered 3rd Congressional District.

Back to this year's bill. It is great news that such a senior (he is the second highest ranking member of the State Senate) Senator as Ed Kasemeyer introducing the bill this time. The bill also is supported by State Senator Allan Kittleman (R-District 9).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hollinger didn't win for lack of popularity amongst her own 11th district constituents (Owings Mills, Pikesville, northwest Baltimore County...). She won Baltimore County, also John Sarbanes home county, which she had represented since the mid-70's, in her race for Congress. However, when pitted against the son of popular U.S. Senator with a powerful last name and lots of money and a Baltimore City Health Commissioner well-known outside of his own homebase..., her own wealth of experience and legislative expertise were no match.
Hollinger passed the voter verified bill out of her committee last year, I don't get why people keep blaming her! She lost people...stop pouring salt in old wounds.

4:57 PM  

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