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Sunday, May 28, 2006

HFStival Coverage Continued

HayDuke as I suspected has great coverage of the HFStival with pictures.

I went over and drove around Town Center from 10:20pm to 10:45pm and everything looked fine. Some 18-30 year olds were walking to their cars. Traffic was light either because the mad rush at 11pm had not hit or those not Kanye West fans had already left. There were a lot of police out. Might have been close to a 1:1 ratio between police and people leaving the concert. I had been at a BBQ near the intersection of Steven Forest and Brokenland at 9:55pm when I heard a sustained couple minutes of sirens. Not sure what it was. It could have just been a show of force by the police before the concert got ready to start winding down. Does anyone know?

I walked around the Lakefront and saw a nice sized crowd of patrons still at Clyde's and slightly less at the Tomato Palace. I also saw a lot of families with kids still hanging out on the Lakefront, particularly around the fountain.

What did the people living downtown think?


Blogger Hayduke said...

Or the sirens could have been completely unrelated to HFS, as I suspect. I spoke to police at the festival last night and they reported no incidents to speak of. I'll have more pictures up soon...from inside!

10:03 AM  
Blogger Evan said...

Great! As I suspected you would be on top of the coverage of anything Merriweather. :)

12:10 PM  
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