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Saturday, May 27, 2006

HFStival Open Thread

As I wrote previously I think the HFStival can be really good for Merriweather and Howard County if it is done right. Today we will get to see if it was "done right" and as always the voters get to judge. If things are not "done right" lets figure out how to make sure it is "done right" and not use this as an opportunity to attack a type of music or start a generational war. Neither of the latter are productive. I have posted on some steps I think will contribute to doing this type of event right. And though I above say the voters get to judge, because this is my outlook on the political reality of such issues, I do strongly urge everyone to look at this as a work in progress where we need to be constructive and educated elected officials and candidates of what needs to be done to make these things done right and give them a couple years to make any fixes that are needed.

In the meantime, use this as an open thread to discuss what you see working and where improvements need to be made. Feel free to use this thread to share good routes around town and where traffic snarls up. How does the parking situation look to those in Town Center? Together as a community we can be a collective eyes and ears on the ground that will help each other find the easiest ways to get around town. Who said traffic only needs to be on the eights? Oh, yeah that was the superb people at WTOP, who help me find the best route into DC every morning. Let's try to give them a run for their money :)