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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Columbia Village Elections

The Flier published a list of who is running for Columbia Village Boards. The Town Center Village Board list is incomplete since residents who are in the currently disenfranchised parts of Town Center have filed to run and are not listed. As Town Center residents who have been paying their CA liens once the enfranchisement situation is cleared up I am sure Town Center will do the right thing and let them run.

Here is the list of who is running in each village: (*Denotes an incumbent.)

Dorsey's Search
(Four candidates for four seats)
*Brian Cuthie
Greg Pelesh
*Diane Turner
*Larry Winston

Harper's Choice
No candidates up for re-election.

Hickory Ridge
(Seven candidates for five seats)
Dawn Ashburn
George Bendor
*Linda Hitzelberger
*Thomas Louden
*Nancy McCord
*Gregg Schwind
*David Zeitzer

Kings Contrivance
(Two candidates for three seats)
*Hillary Bierce
Lorraine Kelly

Long Reach
(Three candidates for three seats)
*Karen Hitcho
*Bridget Mugane
*William Taylor

Oakland Mills
(Four candidates for five seats)
*Phil Engelke
*Karen Gray
*Wilburt "Kriz" Krizmanich
*William Woodcock
(The board will appoint a fifth member in Columbia's new fiscal year, which begins May 1)

Owen Brown
No election because only two candidates, both incumbents, have filed for two available seats.
*Rani Chohan
*Andrew Stack

River Hill
(Four candidates for three seats)
Larry Blickman
*Todd Harrison
Sean Keller
Michelle Potocko

Town Center
(Four candidates for two seats)
*Burt Knauft
Stephen Meskin
Hugh Tousey
Linda Wengel (currently disenfranchised)

Wilde Lake
(Six candidates for five seats)
*Sarah Croushler
*Vincent Marando
Linda Odum
*Mary Pivar
*Rhoda Toback
Robert Vogel

The first thing that jumps out at me is how few contested races there are. Only four villages (Hickory Ridge, River Hill, Town Center, and Wilde Lake) have more candidates than seats to be filled. Feel free to use the comments section to post info about the candidates or if you get a hold of any candidate's literature email it to me and I will post it.