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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day Open Thread

Election Day is here! Please go vote and then share your experience and discuss any election related issues here. I will not be available to post most of the day or election night, so I will be leaving it to you to provide the latest on what is happening on the ground and give the first analysis of the results. One thing you can do is when you go vote you can ask how many people have voted so far at your polling place and then you can post on here those numbers and which precinct you voted in. That should give us a sense of turnout. So without further ado, what are you seeing and hearing on election day? What are candidates doing? How are they closing their campaigns? What are your friends and neighbors saying? Feel free to make your final case for your favorite candidate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forwarded by request from Chris Merdon, who has my full support. We are talking an integrity issue in this and many other matters, and I don't say this lightly.

Rebecca Johnson


Nov. 6, 2006, 8:15 pm

It has just come to my attention that Ken Ulman has distributed literature in my Council District telling residents that I have openly worked with the developers to bring a Car Max to the Ellicott City community. He also states that he publicly announced his opposition to the project because all of the traffic that it would bring to Route 40.

The truth:

Car Max is allowed to locate to the site on Route 40 as a matter of right according to Howard County zoning regulations. I called several meetings between Car Max and the surrounding community to minimize the impact Car Max would have. We received agreement from Car Max to not install any mega phones, turn off the lights at a decent hour, and many other concessions.

Ken Ulman never took a position on the project and never attended any of the meetings. He is now lying to the community, saying that he opposed the project publicly.

I think it is important for your friends and family to know how Mr.
Ulman operates. Two days before the election, he passes out fliers that openly lie about how Car Max came to the community. He also knows that I do not have time to set the record straight with the community.

I ask that you distribute this email to your contacts to let them know how the next four years will go if Mr. Ulman is elected.

Finally, you know that I have run a 100% positive campaign. I have never said anything about my opponent. But this lie is too important for me to let go - just 24 hours before the campaign.


Chris Merdon

12:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Ulman campaign has decided to flood area neighborhoods with an assortment of deceptive fliers, timed so that Chris Merdon would not be able to correct the record. Below is a response to such a flier put out in the Thunder Hill neighborhood. The response is written by Bryan Palus, Thunder Hill Action Committee.

Rebecca Johnson

Mr. Ken Ulman was NOT there for us...the true facts !!!

To our Friends and Neighbors...

Recently a flier was distributed throughout the Thunder Hill neighborhood regarding the recent Columbia Medical Campus development issue. It pains my heart and I find it totally repugnant and reprehensible that individuals in our neighborhood who did not take part in the efforts of the Thunder Hill Action Committee would be so willing to take the credit for a job well done FROM those who so richly deserve it in an attempt to give this credit to someone who WAS NOT THERE: Mr. Ken Ulman.

As one of the original members of the Thunder Hill Action Committee, who witnessed the dedication and commitment of many members of our community in defeating this project, I feel it is important that the truth be told.

When the development was first announced it was supported by many parties including our District 2 Councilman, Mr. Calvin Ball, who is pro-growth and aggressively supported this proposal.

Our neighbors started mobilizing in opposition to this proposal and formed the Thunder Hill Action Committee. As we grew and built support for our cause, we were assisted by several community activists. Where was Ken Ulman ?? He was NOT there !!

As our cause continued, our neighbors worked tirelessly. We conducted traffic surveys, wrote many letters to the newspaper. We researched our local zoning board. County Executive Jim Robey and the pro-developer members of the County Council devised and passed several fast-track methods for developers in this county, Mr. Ulman supported these fast track proposals which gave this inappropriate development a high likelihood of success.

Council Candidate Ms. Gina Ellrich attended our meetings and kept in continuous contact with our steering committee. When the time came for us to start considering legal action because our representatives were NOT listening, Harry Dunbar and Ms. Ellrich helped us find an attorney who agreed to provide reduced cost legal services to our group. We paid these fees out of our own pockets. Where was Mr. Ken Ulman ?? He was not there !!

It took many months before the impact of our opposition to this ill-conceived development plan began to reach the ears of our elected representatives. With the elections looming, thankfully they listened and acted !!

I have worked with many neighbors and members of the Thunder Hill Action Committee and witnessed first hand how tirelessly they contributed their time and money in defeating this proposal. It has been a difficult and often discouraging process. Not ONE of these people have ever asked for recognition for a difficult job well done.

It is totally repugnant and reprehensible that individuals in our neighborhood who did not take part in the efforts of the Thunder Hill Action Committee would be so willing to take the credit for a job well done FROM those who so richly deserve it in an attempt to give this credit to someone who WAS NOT THERE: Mr. Ken Ulman.

DO NOT BE MISLED !! We have won a minor skirmish in opposing inappropriate development of the Columbia Medical Campus. The battle still remains to be fought in terms of development of the Bavar Property strip mall on Twin Knolls North; the development of the Smith farm, and future development within our neighborhood. How you vote in tomorrow's election will determine the future of your community and the quality of your life. Please choose carefully.

Bryan Palus, Thunder Hill Action Committee

12:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Ulman website is down. It has been down for two days.

It is hard to believe that he couldn't get this website back up if he wanted to. Was it removed because it contained claims that Ken found he couldn't defend?

12:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what the fuck are you talking about, the website is still up

4:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Mr. Ball and Mr. Ulman supported the CMC development, why was Mr. Ball at a Town Hall meeting vowing to repsond to citizen issues and how did it get blocked?

If they have the majority of the council and aggressively supported the proposal, why is it dead? Why would the leader of the Thunder Hill group say Ulman & Ball helped?

There was no court case and Ms. Ellrich has no vote.

Adam Sachs was there. Calvin Ball was there. Ken Ulman was there. Guy Guzzone was there.

Neither Chris Merdon nor Gina Ellrich were there.

Check the Columbia Flier 9-7-06

It looks like Merdon & Ellrich supporters are getting pretty desperate!

7:24 AM  
Anonymous Jane said...

Per usual, republican backers are claiming that democratic leaders are guilty of infractions actually perpetrated by republicans.

Too many people know what's going on, regardless of the focused confusion.

Message delivered.

8:40 AM  
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