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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mikulski Joins Ulman in Support of Working Families

Senator Barbara Mikulski Joins Councilman Ken Ulman for Announcement of Initiative for Working Families

United States Senator Barbara Mikulski joined County Councilman Ken Ulman at the Children’s Learning Center on the campus of Howard Community College today as Ulman announced plans to make Howard County Government a more flexible and family-friendly employer and to work with other employers within the county to increase workplace flexibility.

Ulman pledged that, as County Executive, he will convene a task force to analyze County Government and develop strategies for increasing the use of flexible and alternative work arrangements such as part-time positions, job-sharing, flex schedules, and telecommuting. Ulman explained that such flexible work arrangements not only assist working families in balancing family and work responsibilities, but also benefit employers by decreasing recruitment costs, decreasing training costs, increasing retention of experienced knowledgeable staff, and improving productivity and staff morale.

Earlier this year, Ulman sponsored a Conference on Working Families which focused on workplace flexibility. Business owners and human resources professionals from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors attended the conference. Ulman spoke to current County Executive Jim Robey at that time about implementing flexible work arrangements in County Government. Ulman said he was pleased that Robey’s administration has already implemented some provisions for flex schedules and telecommuting, and Ulman wants to build upon that foundation to implement a comprehensive plan of flexible work arrangements.

“Howard County should be on the forefront of working for working families,” Ulman said. “As County Executive, I will bring greater flexibility to County Government and develop resources to help private sector employers in Howard County provide greater workplace flexibility. Working together with private employers, we can create a truly supportive community for working families.”

Ulman noted that Howard County is fortunate to have private-sector employers, such as Arbitron, who are already leading the way in workplace flexibility. Mikulski and Ulman visited Arbitron’s Columbia offices this morning prior to the announcement at the Children’s Learning Center.

Ulman highlighted the Children’s Learning Center as a great example of a creative solution to provide practical experiential learning opportunities for students in early childhood development, education, and nursing while at the same time solving the challenge of childcare for Howard Community College faculty members and students. Ulman committed to fund the completion of additional classrooms at the Children’s Learning Center.

Ulman also reiterated his pledge to eliminate the waiting lists for the County’s before and after school care program noting that the program is cost neutral to the County but provides a very valuable service for working families.


Anonymous nmill said...

Milkulski, Mikulski, Mikulski..I thought Ulman was so against all the supposed political rhetoric going on. When democrats running for office in MD are nervous they call Babs for a good ole photo op.

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ulman had to get Miulski because none of the County Democrats running for County Council want anything to do with him. Can you blame them? Look what happened to Ulman's hand puppet, Josh Feldmark, in the primary.

Plus, Courtney Watson is essentially running as Chris Merdon's "running mate". My guess is if she wins, it won't be long before she switches parties.

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ken is just full of election year rhetoric that is unsupported by his very limited record as a public official. Speaking of empty rhetoric, what's the deal with Ken's resume? A resume is no place for empty rhetoric.

7:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

read the baltimore sun or the view or the flier.

courtney watson and calvin ball were there. and i think jen terasa came too

9:41 PM  
Blogger hocoblog said...

I read the Sun, the View, and the Flier. I don't see any mention of those candidates.

He can't blast Merdon for making proposals and follow up with his own.

Regardless it is a good idea. My company does it. It is a great way to retain qualified employees.

Anyway, at the candidate forum Calvin Ball was the only candidate to mention Ulman by name and he only mentioned him once.

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another desperate attempt by a well-funded candidate to take advantage of his family connections in order to buy an election.

11:39 AM  
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