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Sunday, July 02, 2006

(Hillary) Clinton For President? That Is Not The Past The Democratic Party Needs To Recover

In the Sunday, July 2nd Washington Post article “The Power of Hillary”, James Carville and Mark J. Penn argue that Hillary Clinton, if she runs in 2008, can win the Presidency.

We don't know if Hillary is going to run for president, but as advisers who have worked on the only two successful Democratic presidential campaigns in the past couple of decades, we know that if she does run, she can win that race, too.

They acknowledge that Hillary has high negatives, but, according to Carville and Penn, that is to be expected because of the Republican attacks on her over the years.

Yes, she has a 42 percent negative rating, as do other nationally known Democrats. All the nationally unknown Democrats would likely wind up with high negative ratings, too, once they'd been through the Republican attack machine.

Carville and Penn believe that women voters would be the key for an election victory for Hillary.
Pundits and fundraisers and activists may be unsure of whether Hillary can get elected resident, but Democratic voters, particularly Democratic women and even independent women, are thrilled with the idea.

I beg to differ. It is not women voters that the Democratic Party has to reconnect with, it is working class voters that the party needs to attract again. Specifically, it is white working class middle aged male voters that the Democratic Party has to appeal to. The Democratic Party needs to find a way to go back to its roots, to rediscover its past, and include this set of voters by talking about issues that working people care about, for example, the right to unionize, access to a secure retirement, access to quality health care or access to affordable higher education. In the age of globalization, these issues and others are what the Democratic Party needs to embrace, not Clintonian neoliberalism, which gives working people the shaft while “feeling their pain”. The Democratic Party must once again convince working people that government can provide solutions for problems that seem overwhelming when faced by individuals on their own. One Clinton Presidency was enough for the Democratic Party. I like Carville and Penn, but I think they are wrong on Hillary.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It is not women voters that the Democratic Party has to reconnect with, it is working class voters that the party needs to attract again." - Baloney. All the Democrats need to win is no monkey business on election day.

I'd much rather have a Democrat win next time around, I doubt we can afford another four years of the status quo. At this point, I think most of us would.

"One Clinton Presidency was enough for the Democratic Party." - I didn't care much for NAFTA either, but at least, during Clinton's terms we finally got out of deficit spending and stopped handing the bill to the next generation.

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