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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The BG&E Mess - Money vs. People Power

A special session of the Maryland Legislature will hopefully provide some relief from the pending 72% rate increase that all BG&E customers face on July 1st. However, I don’t hold out much hope that the true interests of Marylanders will be served once the session is over. If you read the Baltimore Sun article on the BG&E mess you will notice that no one in a position of power is seriously considering admitting that the whole deregulation movement is a failure and regulation should be reinstituted. Constellation Energy, the parent company of BG&E, has spread enough money around in Annapolis to make sure that reregulation will never come up. (Gail Bates and Warren Miller, my state legislators and, of course Robert Ehrlich, have take money from Constellation, so no leadership will come from them on this issue). The side bar in the Sun article shows that where states have deregulated electricity, rates have gone up significantly. Like I said before, electric utilities are monopolies and they should be regulated. This whole crisis is another indication of how far the Enronization of our economy has gone. If this deregulation movement is not stopped here, the next market fundamentalist deregulation in Maryland will be water. If you don't believe that is possible, check out what is happening in Lexington, Kentucky. If you believe the whole BG&E mess has an obvious solution like reregulation call your state representatives and tell them. The number for the switch board in Annapolis is 800-492-7122. The power of money has spoken, the only thing we have left is the power of the people.


Blogger Ken said...

The legislature has now done its thing in response to the drastic electric rate increase and the effect that it would have on the election. See today's Sun. I expect that the new law is an improvement, but not as much of one as could be. I agree with you that what we have here is a defacto monopoly that is controlling a public necessity. As such, it should be regulated in the public interest if not publicly owned.

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The legislation doesn't come close to fixing the situation.

Public electricity generation and distribution is sounding better and better. Seems to work ok for roads, water, and sewer.

Unfortunately, Water privatization isn't happening in just Lexington, KY.

12:21 AM  
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