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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Are You Keeping Score?

The Maryland League of Conservation Voters has issued their scorecard for the Maryland General Assembly. Every two years they issue this scorecard so that voters can know the environmental record of their representatives in Annapolis.

Highest Scores:
Senate (100%)Conway, Frosh, Gladden, Green, Grosfeld, Hollinger

House (100%)Benson, Bobo, Cardin, Conroy, Frush, Gutierrez,
Hammen, Healey, Heller, Holmes, Hubbard, Kaiser, Kullen, Lawton, Mandel, Menes, Moe, Montgomery, Morhaim, Murray, Parker, Proctor, Pugh, Ramirez, Ross, F.Turner, V.Turner

Lowest Scores:
Senate (0%)Jacobs, Stoltzfus

House (0%)Bates, Boteler, Dwyer, Krebs, McConkey, Miller, Shewell, Stocksdale

Unfortunately, my Delegates Bates and Miller, who represent District 9A, are at the bottom when it comes to environmental protection. Hopefully, District 9A will get more environmentally friendly delegates after the election this fall.